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Building People for Strong Foundations

Building everything from hospitals to bridges, including award-winning community toilets, super cool environmentally friendly benches and top-secret bunkers has taught us a few things. The most important one though, is that the most solid foundation for anything is made of a strong team.

This is why, at Lattey, we don't just erect structures, we also build people.

Joining the Lattey Team at any level is the first step of a journey that can lead to dozens of career outcomes. This is because our many divisions offer a variety of paths, but more importantly, because the progression of our own people is at the core of our policies and processes.

Many of our management staff started in the yard. Some even progresses from casting concrete to environmental work. In the past, Lattey have supported worthy team members by part-financing their certifications and through work hours flexibility. We also have a Cadet programme that helps young entrants build an impressive amount of experience and skills. It's about recognising potential and giving it just the little push it needs to get fully realised.

Want to know more? See what our Career Progression Pathways looks like.

When you're done, come and meet our People.



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