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BCITO Apprenticeships

BCITO is the largest provider of construction trade apprenticeships in New Zealand. They are appointed by the government to develop and implement Industry qualifications for the building and construction sector. Lattey’s have been part of this apprenticeship programme since 2001.

BCITO apprenticeships are extremely beneficial to both the apprenticeship provider and the apprentices themselves, especially when those individuals are passionate about working with concrete.

Lattey’s have trained many apprentices over the years and have seen some grow into exceptional tradesmen who have a real affinity for concrete and their jobs.

Lattey’s offer apprenticeships with the expectation that it will encourage young people to accomplish great results and obtain the best training.

Overtime, Lattey’s have had the privilege of taking on some amazing apprentices who enjoyed the job and were really keen to improve their knowledge base. These are the doers that have enhanced our production times and achieved reliable quality results; thus, producing consistently high-quality concrete that’s competitively priced for our customers.

Soli Petaia and Iwi Ngaroa Hema aka Gipsy started as apprentices with Lattey and are now both employed as leading hands, with the potential to move on to more supervisory and managerial roles, should they continue to demonstrate the required potential. These are just 2 examples amongst the many ex-apprentices who currently enjoy permanent positions at Lattey. Many others have secured employment with other companies within the Industry.

John Fisher, who has been with Lattey for 34 years and in the concrete industry another 6 years as a qualified pre-caster, trainer and assessor. On top of his many duties, including project management, pre-cast pricing and tendering as well as moulding methodology, he also coordinates and organises Lattey's apprenticeships in cooperation with BCITO. John is the perfect example of what a successful career in pre-casting can lead to for those who are passionate and dedicated.

An apprenticeship opens up unique opportunities to help hopeful pre-casters shape themselves not only for the company’s needs but also the demands of the industry whilst getting the best career start. Once apprentices have qualified as pre-casters, they have the whole industry at their fingertips, with many potential career outcomes. Interested in an apprenticeship? You will first need to start working with us. Once you've been able to demonstrate your ambition and dedication, Lattey’s will refer you for an apprenticeship and start providing the excellent training that will launch your career.




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