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Joll Road Development Project

An exciting new development is happening in Joll Road. This commercial development is going to contain some prime retail spaces, modern offices and amazing eateries within close walking distance.

Lattey’s have already installed the bored piles and will before long start the casting of the precast concrete panels. These panels are Architecturally designed to bring out a darker pigment with the addition of 2.5% black oxide into the mix and it will also feature horizontal rebates.

Another exhilarating architectural design will see the precast panels be exposed externally, even select parts of the precast panels will be exposed internally. These panels will be positioned on the front face of the lift shaft.

The Precast concrete panels will be 10.8 meters X 2.5 meters, weighing in at 12 Tons.

Lattey's will also be supplying a proprietary Rib and Infill Flooring System comprising of pre-stressed concrete rib with wooden infill. Not only is this system strong but it is also robust and very durable. The underside of it will be used as ceiling feature on the ground floor.

Project: Joll Road

Developer: Murrayfield Properties

Architectural Engineers: RTA Studio

Structural Engineers: Strata Group

Projected Project Completion date: May 2019




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