Why did Lattey Purchase a CNC Router?

Ever since he started working with Lattey, Production Manager Jason Kendrick had been pushing the company to acquire their own CNC Router. Jason had extensive experience of the machinery, having been one of the first in New Zealand to own and operate them. Jason knew that such a powerful and versatile tool would speed up production, improve accuracy and provide better control over the finished product. It would also be an asset to Lattey, generating huge savings on mould-making for precast projects as well open new avenues for increased services and capabilities.

Great arguments never fall into deaf ears at Lattey, whose Proform 40/20 CNC Router started operating at the Hastings site in December 2017. Since then, it has been used in the production of a wide range of objects: from company branded coasters to large 3D moulds such as those used in the huge panels of the new Hastings Health Centre.

Lattey is already working with other companies to produce finished products. The CNC router is a very technical piece of machinery, but in the experienced hands of Jason and his team, it can be used in a wide range of projects such as sign making, joinery, architectural work and any kind of aluminium fabrication like boat building. The router can work with diverse materials like ply wood, acrylics, alumimium and ACM (composites).

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Jason Kendrick demonstrates that Lattey's CNC Router can be used

for the smallest projects as well as building massive structures




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