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Lattey Grows Wings

Not wings exactly –but we definitely have blades. Of all the exciting, geeky tools that we own, this is probably the one that our team is going to be fighting over the most. Obviously, being the boss, Mike Rabbitte gets first pick at flying our brand new Mavic Pro drone.

Although it sounds like a (rather cool) grown up toy, our drone allows us to perform some very serious tasks. We are now able to gain visual, 3D access of every site. Its 7km range allows the Mavic to survey sites to their full extent and at no risk to our staff. Regular flights will give us better understanding of the projects at every stage, as well as an ability to track and record work progress.

Collected footage will also give a clearer understanding of what we do for prospective clients.

But perhaps more importantly, this is a tool that enables us to pass on throughout the team how individual components contribute to make up the end product. We hope that this will contribute to further building a sense of pride and ownership of any individual efforts as being key to the overall success of any project.

Our Mavic Pro drone captures footage of work progress at the Hastings Health Centre.




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