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Lattey to the Limit: Building the Hastings Health Centre

Lattey is currently undertaking one of the company's largest precast concrete contracts at the Hasting's Health Centre new location.

The largest health services provider in New Zealand needed new, purpose-built premises. Lattey was involved with the contract from the very first stage, developing the design with the architect, structural engineers and client. Early participation allowed Lattey's experts to contribute to every aspect of the project and put forward the very best results for the client, working to the maximum of our own capacities. The project was developed with a result-focused approach and then made to work to budget, with a particular attention to foot traffic flow and optimal room size throughout the two-story structure.

The precast panels used in the main frame of the building are uniform in size, measuring 3 by 4 metres. The lift shaft panels took us to our maximum production capacity, some of them weighing over 20 tons, for which we needed to expand our casting tables. A huge amount of reinforcing was used in the cages.

Reinforcing before casting

Working on such a scale is challenging as far as the casting is concerned but also for the transport and installation. The 3x4m panels have to be transported sideways to fit under power lines. On site, two cranes are used to lift the panels off the truck bed and then flipped upright. Each panel has then to be put in its exact position, with no gaps in between, before being secured.

This project is a proud display of our capabilities to develop and deliver on a large and complex scale, from design to build.

Lattey On site the Hastings Health Centre




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