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How to Saw off Concrete

As we approached the work for the Tois Bridge upgrade in Tahape Road, we knew that we were not going to ask our guys, as tough as they may be, to saw off 2.4km of concrete with hand tools. What we needed was the right kit for the job, so we decided to purchase a 'Walk Behind' Concrete Saw.

The Holer saw was used to cut off the existing deck of the Tois Bridge, which was then replaced with a thicker deck, cast in situ. That particular job completed, we'll still get to play with our new toy. In fact, this kind of heavy duty equipment is exactly what we love to acquire, as it opens the scope for more work. Typically, this is not the kind of investment that a company makes lightly. However the dramatic increase in efficiency, enhanced staff comfort and safety completely justify the expense.

"Our men really enjoyed working with the new saw. They remarked on how well it cut (up to 265mm deep) and the comfort it provides."

, Civil Contracts Manager




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