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Lattey Hydrology Services Updated

Lattey Geoscience acquires a Pro DSS Multimeter

In order to increase its water and environmental services, Lattey Geoscience has purchased a new YSI ProDSS (Digital Sampling System) handheld Water Quality meter. This portable water quality multiparameter instrument offers on site measurements of key parameters essential for assessing water quality including temperature, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Electrical Conductivity (EC), pH, and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Other important water quality parameters such as turbidity and Ion Selective Electrodes (e.g. nitrates, ammonia, and chloride) can also be measured using the ProDSS. The instrument can be used for sampling surface water, groundwater, coastal/estuarine environments, aquaculture, and wastewater. Its smart digital sensors provide immediate results, providing our scientists with an increased capability to test a substantial number of sites in a short time, which will reduce time and costs for our clients. The Water Quality meter is available to assist the team in a wide variety of projects including on-site assessment of groundwater quality for irrigation, spatial delineation of water parameters for characterising groundwater-surface water interaction, monitoring and sampling water quality for compliance, and many other uses. This new addition will substantially increase the capabilities of Lattey Geoscience’s groundwater and environmental services.

Lattey's Hydrolgelogist Amir Levy using the new Pro DSS multimeter




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