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Our ISO Journey

Reflecting on 2017 can be nostalgic for many but for Lattey’s the immense amount of hard work and patience came to pass as our long-term Corporate Goal of achieving certification was realised. Certification in what you may ask, it’s in ISO9001 Quality & ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Lattey have come full circle in the design, development and maintenance of this system which was specifically created to interconnect with the existing systems.

ISO Certification: our Journey

Right in the beginning when this enormous undertaking was first being considered, the first step was to understand what type of benefits this system could possibly bring to our organisation. Some of the key benefits stated where:

  • Improvement in our credibility and image

  • Improvement in customer satisfaction

  • Better process integration

  • Improve evidence of decision making

  • Creation of a continual improvement culture

  • Engagement of employees

After reviewing the type of improvements, the system could bring, the next step was to engage with a Certification Body that best represented Lattey's industry and interests.

Once the best representing party was selected, the fun really began. Our processes where then scrutinised down to the finest detail. This task revealed the full extent of our existing recorded processes and how each division functioned either together or separately. Eventually we felt ready, for the Certification process.

Present Day

Bringing us back to our present day of being Certified. Yay! We certainly can say that it was a whirlwind experience and that we would highly recommend to any organisation that is looking at cultivating a culture of thinkers.

We can now see first-hand what endless potential our systems hold. We can also measure the overall improvements that everyone has achieved.

We envision that the systems will add undefinable value to Lattey and to that of our employees and community.




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