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Lattey Doubling Production Capacity –at Lower Cost to Clients

Groundwork has just kicked off on Lattey's new precast plant in Levin. Expected to be running by Christmas 2018, the massive 4,500 square metre factory will provide an extra 25 jobs to the area. Lattey has already started to look for staff with the specific skillset required in the precast concrete industry and will be releasing invitations to apply in the next couple of months.

The factory itself will be, as one would expect, made of concrete panels. The first of those will be precast in Hawkes Bay. As soon as the Levin site reaches production capacity –about halfway through, it will start producing the remaining parts to complete construction.

The plant will house six casting beds (there are eight at the moment in Hastings) and a large pre-stressing area, effectively doubling the company's production capacity. With all the new roads projects and infrastructure upgrades happening in the region, this opens quick access to Wellington and the surrounding region. Lattey was already supplying precast concrete to these areas; both the company and its clients are looking forward to dramatically reduced transportation costs.

This type of growth scenario, where a company is able to increase production whilst creating jobs and reducing prices is a rare and precious sign of a business' sound health and strong ethics.




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