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Low Impact Screw Piling

Screw piling technology offers some clear advantages over other foundation techniques. It produces no spoil, which means that there is no debris to remove from the site. This is a significant factor in cost reduction as well as an enormous time saver.

Compared to other foundation systems, screw piling is quiet, only producing 85Db of noise, which is equivalent to using a handsaw or eating in a busy restaurant. Since screw piling requires a minimal impact and produces very little vibration, there is no unhappy neighbours or councils to worry about. It is ideal for seismic strengthening of existing buildings with low headroom, which is often the case in dense urban environment. The result will be an increased NBS ratings.

Other advantages of screw piling include speed of installation and reduced cost in comparison to conventional driven or bored piles. Lattey can provide pile capacities in excess of 250 tons in compression and tension to depths of up to 40 metres.

Lattey recently installed screw piling foundations on a massive scale, at the Sebel Hotel in Lower Hutt Wellington, Lattey completed 30 screw piles down to a 7-meter depth daily. The entire project consisted of 190 screw piles. As it offered a significant reduction in cost, the choice of screw piling on this high-profile site allowed the much awaited project to go ahead after many months of delay.




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