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Precast Plant Certification

Lattey Becomes the First Certified Precast Plant in Hawkes Bay

At the end of last year, Lattey's Hastings plant was audited by Precast New Zealand Inc. Shortly thereafter, we received our Precast Plant Certification. This make our Hastings site the first and only certified precast concrete plant in the Hawkes Bay region.

Lattey have been proud members and supporters of Precast NZ Inc for a number of years. They represent 20 precast concrete companies which operate about 30 precast concrete factories nationwide. Precast NZ members account for over 80% of the factory produced precast concrete in New Zealand. As our representative body, they aim to make precast concrete the first-choice construction material and are the voice and chief advocate and standard-setter of the off-site precast industry.

Undergoing this certification process was an important step for Lattey. We already knew that our product, standards and practices were top notch. After all, quality, expertise and safety are some of the strongest driving forces of the Lattey Group. However, we also knew that holding an industry certification would be an extra guarantee for our clients and business associates.

The purpose of the Precast NZ Plant Certification Program is to give confidence to project specifiers, head contractors, building owners etc. They are assured that products purchased from a Precast NZ Certified Plant come from an established operator and a plant with appropriate manufacturing facilities, quality assurance programs, levels of expertise and experience.

Anyone is able to label themselves a “Concrete Precaster” (and unfortunately a lot do that really shouldn't). A few moulds on a bit of spare land is all that is required to precast concrete. Precast NZ certified plants invest significantly in their plants and have long term goals. They have a vested interest in providing quality product and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Purchase from a Precast NZ Certified Plant adds a further layer of assurance with independent third-party audit of quality systems and a more detailed inspection process. Contractors who have accepted the lowest price for precast concrete have later found issues with quality, performance, delivery, program and sometimes all of these on the one contract causing a major embarrassment for all involved, as well as added costs.

Because the Lattey Group had previously undertaken ISO certification work, the Precast NZ plant certification programme was relatively easy and straightforward, as most of the required standards, practices and procedures had already been documented.

Next on our list will be to get our brand-new Levin precast plant certified as well. This will be done as soon as the site construction is 100% completed and the plant is fully active.




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