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Supporting Young Designers and Sustainability

St John's High School students are working on an exciting and innovative project for a sustainable bench seat. Their concept involves incorporating small beads of recycled plastic with concrete, with the aim of gaining in strength and durability as well as developing new means to re-utilise our plastic wastes. They approached Lattey to get support with some aspects of the project.

Bridgeman Concrete is working with the students to develop the right type of mixed concrete for this project, while Lattey is providing help with the mould design and development for the seat, which will eventually be produced on Lattey's CNC router, making the most of Jason Kendrick's expertise.

The students, who are also undertaking the marketing of their innovative product, have already approached Hastings District Council who responded positively and have expressed interest in having a few units installed.

The project will be submitted for consideration to the New Zealand Young Enterprise Trust (Wellington) in mid-September 2019. The Trust facilitates the awarding of a number of national awards supported by leading New Zealand businesses and key Government Agencies. The Governor General presents these national awards in December.

Once again, Lattey is proud to support and promote sustainable initiatives and young designers.




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