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Wrapping up 2018

As the end of the year draws near, we reflect back on the past twelve months. With our amazing teams, its no wonder we have managed to accomplish so much within 2018.

Our precast and civil teams have been very busy with a plethora of small and quite a few massive projects:

The new Hastings Health Center will be opening soon and is already looking rather impressive with its panelled outer walls. We had to extend our casting tables for some of the elements of that project and produced our biggest precast staircases yet. Havelock North's new commercial unit on Joll Road is also nearing completion, screw piles foundations firmly in place and striking dark concrete panels mounted. The Pan Pac Diffuser project, now fully operational, was a challenging and exciting undertaking. We were also very proud to provide innovative solutions that enabled the long awaited international Sebel Hotel building in Lower Hutt to finally go ahead.

2018 was also a year for big acquisitions. We purchased the biggest crane in our fleet, a Liebherr 90 ton All Terrain that is able to get into some really tight spots on site. It has already been used on a few projects and is available for hire, with qualified operating employees thrown in as part of the deal.

Our new CNC Cutting Machine has been in operation for a few months now. This is a completely new manufacturing facility for us, enabling us to design and fabricate our own precast concrete moulds as well as provide a new and wide array of 2D and 3D cutting services to Hawkes Bay businesses. We are already planning a very exciting and innovative event for the Hawkes Bay engineering and artistic scene: we will be offering free CNC cutting for a time for selected projects, which will then be put together in an exhibition. Watch this space and connect with us on your favourite social media channel for upcoming details in 2019.

We are also proud and happy to announce that Lattey employees now receive full health coverage. This is a free medical insurance package that is available to all our employees.

Lattey Hastings is now fully certified as a Precast Concrete Plant. This is a considerable achievement for us, which gives assurances to our clients that we produce superior products of a consistent quality through controlled production which meets Industry Standards and Regulations. Additionally, being certified will also distinguish Lattey among those plants wishing to supply similar precast products within the market place.

Our Environmental Science Team has also progressed in leaps and bounds, with more and more clients coming on board with some major projects as far as the Northland being undertaken.

Last but not least, Lattey will more than double its production capacity with the opening of the Levin plant, which is scheduled to begin producing from late January whilst still putting the final touches on the plant, which will be fully completed by the end of March 2019. This is a brand new 4,300 square metre state of the art facility that will create up to 20 new jobs in the Levin area which will considerably reduce costs to our clients in the lower North Island and Wellington region. Amongst the things we are most proud of in Levin are its many new technological advancements such as the fact that the plant will be fully enclosed with a large overhead gantry crane and heated steel casting beds. In addition, we are also looking at installing solar panels on the roof to further improve on our energy efficiency.

It's been a full year but, because of it, we look forward to the coming one. Our projects managers are already tendering on some very big and exciting projects.

On behalf of everyone at Lattey, we wish you an excellent holiday season and a very successful 2019.




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