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The Hawke’s Bay Sports Park was the largest single construction project in the region at the time with piling and precast concrete contracts valued at $1.7 million.


Hawke's Bay Sports Park

Precast concrete components make up most of the structure with the exception of in-situ casted floor toppings. 900mm and 1200mm diameter piles were cast on site to transfer loads to shingle bearing material at five metres depth. A combination of vibratory and boring equipment was used to sink the piles in challenging ground conditions.


Columns weighing 20 tons were cast at the factory, transported to site, erected and grouted to the foundations. Tolerance of only 3mm between these columns and the roofing bolts required careful detailing and the highest level of quality control. Raker beams were attached to the columns using similar grouted ducts.


Panels with architectural detailing fit between the columns at ground level. Prestressed bleacher units to seat 2,500 people sit atop the raker beams. The main access stairs were also precast.

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