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Reduce Construction Time

Precast wall panels, beams, columns and stairs. Pre-stressed flooring and piling systems. Box culverts and underpasses. Farm bridges. Cast-in service channels and insulation. Cast architectural patterns.

Precast offers many benefits - construction time efficiencies are now widely recognised, but it doesn’t stop there...

Precast panels can be braced to meet wind and earthquake loading requirements. With conventional on-site formwork, where wet concrete has to be supported, this issue becomes much more onerous.


Lattey can manufacture for multiple projects simultaneously. Hot water curing allows a daily output from up to eight large tables and multiple pre-stressing beds. Our steel forming tables can produce panels up to 14 metres and contain panel variation to within ±2mm over this span.  


We can cast service channels into our panels, saving sub-trade time on site and achieving a visually pleasing result free from external pipework. We can also cast insulated panels which incorporate all external and internal cladding to achieve insulation and structural code compliance.

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