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APRIL 2022

Director at Lattey Group.

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Director at Lattey Group.

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Mark Hook: the question that drives our growth

Since I joined the company back in 2015, Lattey Group has enjoyed a period of significant growth. Sustaining that growth, without compromising quality, has been a great achievement for our team.


I have been involved in business management and administration throughout my career. This is primarily about two things: systems and people. I believe Lattey Group has advanced as a company because we’ve continually resourced both these areas.


We are now ISO certified for quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety. We’ve put great effort into recruiting or promoting the right people for the right roles, and support their development. 


Our success has been driven by a company-wide focus on continual improvement and the professional development of our personnel. This ongoing positive change results from asking ourselves: ‘how can we do better?’


It’s a question we encourage our team to consider at every level in the company. From regular health and safety toolbox briefings with our precast team and site crews, to strategic decisions at board level that will shape the company’s future.


Successful businesses have to continually evolve; get smarter as well as bigger, and anticipate and respond to change. We have clear plans for expansion and improvement - including a new Hawke’s Bay precast plant - which we look forward to sharing with you soon.



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