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A multi-skilled, careful approach to a sensitive and complex issue. Key infrastructure work that benefits the whole community and puts the environment first.


Panpac 2 km Outfall Extension and Diffuser

A Collossal Project

This $4 million project was completed in January 2018, successfully correcting an outfall staining issue off the coast of Hawkes Bay. Lattey was one of the contractors involved in the building of a 2km extension to the existing 300m outfall pipe at Panpac's Whirinaki pulp mill.

The extension, made of three 500m pieces, one 300m and one 200m, incorporates a 400m diffuser.


A Multi-Skilled, Innovative Approach

The pipeline building took three months. Its installation  involved several contractors in an array of specialist areas. It was constructed at Clive and launched into the sea from the local beach. It was then towed to the Panpac treatment plant, where it was sunk and joined to the existing pipe.

Lattey provided over 400 concrete blocks, 184 galvanised piles and over 80 trolleys. The trolleys are used to deploy the pipe and blocks from shore to sea, and the piles were driven underwater to secure the concrete blocks to the seabed once the pipe was in place.

Environmental Issues Addressed the Right Way

This is 100 year life-span solution, which was chosen as the most effective after a nine months consultation. It's the kind of key infrastructure work that benefit both community and environment. We are seeing more and more of these nowadays, as local councils and industrial players are addressing environmental isses in an increasing durable, viable and sustainable way. Lattey keeps getting involved and promoting this type of solutions.


And a successful follow-up

Following the successful outcome of this project, Lattey became involved with the more recent leakage trouble-shooting at the Whirinaki Beach pipe, a 47-year-old infrastructure that had recently incurred damage, leading to discolouration issues to the coastal waters. We assisted with building a working platform to identify the leak and looked at different solutions to remedy it. In the end, a pipe was inserted inside the old concrete pipe to stop the leak.

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