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A dynamic cantilevered platform supports a new observation tower on the edge of the Waimarama dunes. Architecture and engineering disciplines combined to achieve an elegant solution.


Waimarama Surf Lifesaving Club

Designed by Paris Magdalinos Architects and officially opened in December 2016, the new structure has brought Waimarama's surf lifesaving practices into the 21st century.

Built to last for 40 years, the new tower offers unobstructed views to the North and South beach ends. This was made possible by a cantilever design that extends over the sea wall; allowing the base of the structure to sit behind the sea wall and meet council requirements.

Waimarama Surf Lifesaving Club project director James Laver says the new operation centre was the only one of its kind in Australia and New Zealand.

"It's pretty amazing, it's iconic. There's nothing quite like it elsewhere; it's not the sort of thing you usually see so I think it could become quite a photographed feature for Hawke's Bay."

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