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Our environmental division provides groundwater development, environmental management and contaminated land management services.

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We work collaboratively with local government and private industry to resolve resource and building consent issues specifically related to water, environmental and land management.

Water Management

We provide consultancy services in relation to the Three Waters. We help our clients with water supply, waste water disposal and storm water management.

Environmental Management

We provide environmental management and monitoring services; erosion and sediment control, industrial stormwater management, water quality sample collection as well as analysis and design of compliance monitoring wells.


Contaminated Land Management

We provide site-specific solutions for a range of potential contaminants and guide clients through the legislative framework. Our services include NES PSI and DSI reporting, consenting and regulatory compliance, discharge monitoring, soil and water sampling and analysis, risk assessments, remedial solutions and documentation of completed remedial works.


We carry a range of in-house scientific equipment including a suite of Scout pressure transducers and barometric loggers used to record downhole water level data and YSI ProDSS water quality meter used to collect a range of in-field water quality data. 


During August, our Environmental Team, based at our Lattey Group Levin Branch, began the 1st pump testing in Horowhenua for the Manawatu-Wanganui (Horizons) Region.  

Testing and monitoring was done to support an application for a new water permit in a project of reorganisation and extension of the activity on a farm.


What can we do for you?

Resource Consent Applications

We take the process the whole way: from the application through to providing the supporting scientific information and ongoing monitoring and compliance requirements.

Water Permits

Groundwater and surface water abstraction for irrigation, industrial / commercial or potable use. Includes determination and justification of water requirement and AEE that considers surrounding wells, surface water and aquifer sustainability;

Discharge Permits

for stormwater, effluent, solid waste for commercial and industrial clients and housing developments; soil testing;


Resource Consent Compliance

Including monitoring of water levels and water quality, construction monitoring e.g. discharge field design, and monitoring bore installation.


Water quality / quantity testing, soil sampling for chemical analysis and physical properties.

​Environmental management for industrial operations

Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)

For commercial and industrial sites to meet local authority requirements; preventative management for the protection of receiving environments (stormwater networks, streams, etc.) to mitigate/avoid contamination; containing activities to site boundaries (identifying risks and providing solutions); incident management planning; hazardous substance control.

Safe Land Development

Land Development

National Environmental Standard (NES) for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health; preliminary site investigation (PSI); detailed site assessment (DSI) including sampling, soil testing and reports to assess human health risk and measure against existing standards and guidelines; pollution linkage (hazard pathway receptor model); remedial action plans (RAP); site validation report (SVR).


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