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Seismic strengthening was to be performed on several builing while minimising the impact on production for the company. Lattey provided an effective and innovative solution.


Seismic Strengthening for Heinz-Watties Hastings

Early Engagement

The Heinz-Watties Hastings (Hawkes Bay) needed to undergo seismic strengthening of their buildings. The project had to be broken down into multiple stages in order to ensure little to no disruptions in the company's production process.


Prior to the first stage, Lattey were engaged by LHT to investigate the possibility of using screw piles for the planned deep foundation system. Lattey came on board and reviewed the limitations of working inside a building. We completed a concept design that would meet the updated seismic loads of the building.


A thorough consideration was necessary throughout the project. Machinery movement within confined spaces such as doorways required considerable planning and continuous monitoring throughout, especially during the installation of the screw piles. Some of the many important considerations were the limited amount of headroom, machinery size and handling of materials. 


The seismic strengthening project was broken down into 5 stages and the majority of the Screw Piles were located inside the building. The Screw Piles were required to be installed to a depth of 9-metre-deep below ground level.


Lattey manufactured the steel Screw Piles in sections as short as 1 metre long and transported them to site when the shutdown periods commenced. The length of the sections was limited to the amount of headroom available above the pile location. Some Screw Piles were required to be installed under existing concrete and steel beams. 

Challenge Met

At Lattey we pride ourselves in finding innovative solutions to problems that otherwise would be monumental. With early engagement in the project, Lattey’s was able to construct modified digger booms to allow for the installation of Screw Piles in tight areas.

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