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Alicia Flanagan:
Assistant Project Manager

Determination to succeed.


Alicia joined the Lattey Team as a cadet in 2019. Determined to succeed on her own merits, she interviewed for the position without mentioning that her father Richard was the precast manager. Although unaware that his daughter was going to join the company, Alicia says “He took it pretty well” when she broke the news.


After five years of hard work, Alicia is now Assistant Project Manager - a position she has earned. It took four years of study to graduate from the New Zealand Institute of Highway Technology with a Diploma in Civil Engineering. Study commitments included block courses on campus at Palmerston North, Hamilton and Christchurch, as well as after-work study at home. All this while working her day job as a cadet.


Although managing the demands of work and study was a challenge, the combination of real-world experience and academic development has made Alicia a valuable member of Lattey’s client-facing team, and given her a solid understanding of company operations and capability.


Alicia’s work includes producing CAD layouts for crane placement as part of the tendering process, scheduling precast yard work, and specifying prop and piling capacity as part of bracing plans for individual projects.

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