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Precast components for a new snow leopard habitat at Wellington Zoo. Cool for cats!


Wellington Zoo snow leopard habitat

While estimates vary, there may be as few as 4,500 snow leopards remaining in the wild, and their numbers are under continual threat from habitat loss, poaching and the impact of climate change.


But in some good news for conservation, Wellington Zoo is now home to New Zealand’s only snow leopards, Asha and Manju. 


The project was made possible by partnerships with Melbourne Zoo and Nepal-based NFP Mountain Spirit), and supported by Wellington City Council funding as well as a community fundraising effort.


Lattey Group were asked by lead contractor Naylor Love to provide large precast ‘mountain’ feature panels for the new habitat, which emulates the snow leopard’s natural environment, with steep, rocky terrain to encourage jumping and climbing. The design allows the big cats to feel camouflaged and rest whilst still being visible to visitors.


Created at our Hastings plant, the precast panels feature a triangular design and multiple textures made by masking and sandblasting. They were transported to Wellington and installed on site.


We are happy to play a small part in this worthwhile project to generate awareness and help boost the conservation effort for these remarkable animals.

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