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Porirua City Whitby Bridge project was developed as a full package from design to installation with minimal environmental impact.


Porirua City Whitby Bridge 

A growing suburb


Brookside developments had a pocket of land within a large suburb of Porirua City, Whitby. Before the development of this land could take place, two bridges needed to be designed and constructed across Duck Creek.


The first bridge was a two-span bridge covering 34 meters. One span was 18 meters and the other was 16 meters. Lattey was awarded the construction of the first bridge. The project comprised of design and development, construction and management of the project. The Consents applied for and managed by Lattey was the Building Consent process along with compliance to any conditions of the Resource Management Act.



The entire project meant that we were working in and around waterways and this resulted in considerable design input into the construction of the bridge. Some of the many vital considerations where that the pier and the piles needed to be located outside of the existing waterways while continuously ensuring that our activities did not affect the delicate ecosystem in and around Duck Creek.



Lattey’s manufactured concrete piles, abutments, pier and the footpath on-site. The wingwalls, t-beams, and balustrading where manufactured offsite due to their intricacies and transported down using a heavy vehicle trucks from Hawkes Bay and New Plymouth. The Bridge was completed well ahead of the programmed time frame and exceeded the client’s expectations.


These accomplishments were enormous due to the inconsistent weather conditions experienced during the installation process. Lattey’s used a 40 Ton crawler crane and a 36 Ton excavator to complete the concrete piles and assist with the construction of the bridge. Due to the efficient planning and project performance, the second Bridge was awarded to Lattey.

Environmental impact

At Lattey we pride ourselves in finding innovative solutions to problems that otherwise would be monumental. With the complete project package, we can communicate with the Regional or District Councils on your behalf and manage the consent process along with all its necessities. 

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