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Other Equipment

All fleet equipment comes with a licenced operator and rigger/dogman with plenty of experience between them to make even intricate situation seem easy. See below for a full list of equipment and specifications.


Not sure what you need? No problem - just contact us.



Hitachi EX65

Thanks to the short-tail swing radius, the ZX65USB-6 fits perfectly in narrow spaces, and performs impressively on a variety of projects. The EGR and muffler filter and common rail system help to reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency and reduce running costs.


Hitachi EX200

The powerful ZAXIS 200 is guaranteed to achieve new levels of performance on any earth-moving or construction sites. Smooth and precise, it helps increase productivity whilst reducing overall running costs. 


Hitachi ZX200-5G

The ZX200-5G is an improvement on the EX-200: more powerful, better fuel efficiency and increased hydraulic power for the same size. Its a reliable, all-purpose plant suited for most projects.

Hitachi ZX225USLC-5B-b.jpg

Hitachi ZX225USLC-5B

A high-quality, efficient machine capable of working in challenging conditions. Its zero-tail swing allows operation in confined spaces, smooth and precise manoeuvring. It delivers high levels of productivity on the job site due to its TRIAS hydraulic system.


Hyundai RC360LC7

The Hyundai RC360LC7 is a  36T digger which is well suited for big projects requiring power and large digging capacity. It's well-suited for projects that require that little bit of extra reach.

Volvo EC480DL.jpg

Volvo EC480DL

At 48T, the Volvo’s EC480DL crawler excavator is our biggest digger. It performs with great digging force and short cycle times, increased engine power and improved hydraulics.



Hino Transporter

Our Hino has a low loader transport trailer with a deck height of 900mm for a 9+3m length (bottom deck + upper deck) and maximum payload of 21T. 


Mitsubishi Shogun

This is a general purpose 8-wheeler with a 8m deck and 14T maximum payload.


Isuzu FSR700

Another general purpose, 2-axle flat deck. It has a 6m deck and a 6T maximum payload. It can be used as a tipper in conjunction with its light-weight aluminium sides.



Aichi Aerial Work Platform

This is a truck mounted EWP with a maximum height of 20 m and a basket capacity of 200 kg. It can be used on most sites and can be driven on the road with a class 2 licence.


Toyota Crane Truck / 3.5 ton

A convenient and versatile piece of equipment well-suited for local transport and delivery of items that are too heavy to offload by hand.


Soilmech SR40

This is a self-mounting, easily transportable drilling rig, specially designed for: LDP cased bore piles (casing driven directly by rotary head); LDP deep uncased bored piles stabilised by drilling fluid or dry hole; CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles by means of long auger string.

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