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Environmental Team Update

Our esteemed Colleague Amir Levy has left the team to take a position at the Otago Regional Council. Susan and Alasdair will continue to look after all water-related work.

They have been particularly busy with discharge permits, as trade waste and sceptic tanks are increasingly monitored by the Regional Council, who have raise the bar and tightened rules around surface to ground water. This is needed to ensure the quality of the public supply.

Our environmental team has also been involved in an exciting project aiming at using industrial trade effluent as fertiliser. This work consists of scoping the viability and environmental friendliness of the project.

Storm water consents have also been on the cards. The work involved calculating storm water runoffs and designing infiltration practices for greenhouses and industrial sites.

In addition to all this, we are currently looking for a talented Senior Geotechnical Engineer to join our team.



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