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Lattey Group CEO

Lattey Group have the pleasure to announce that Mark Donnelly has stepped into the role of CEO for the Group.

Mark has been with Lattey for over 30 years, working across all divisions in the company. When Mark joined Lattey in 1988, it was still a small family operation. Hugh Lattey took Mark under his wing as they formed a strong bond over their shared passion for engineering and construction. Mark remains faithful to the family values that are at the core of the company culture.

Mark becoming the CEO is a natural progression for the company, in line with the history of the group and its values. In his new role Mark will bring a renewed sense of cohesion and enthusiasm to the group, as well as his strong vision for sustained growth into the future.

With Mark taking on the oversight of all the divisions, some trusted members of the Lattey family are taking on more responsibility. Scott Dobson is now the head of our Civil Division, whilst Richard Flanagan becomes our Precast Regional Manager for the east and Peter Zwart takes on the Regional Precast Management for the west. Mark Hook has stepped into the role of General Manager.

We look forward to our continued relationship with all our clients and partners as we keep building the future together.




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