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Helping Grow the Hawkes Bay Airport

Lattey recently completed the Hawkes Bay Airport light tower foundation work.

The project consisted of the design, fabrication and installation of four screw piles for the foundation of the airport's new light tower.

The client's engineer's representative had stipulated and designed bored piles that would have been challenging and difficult to construct due to the site's specific ground conditions. These piles would have had to be cased, making the installation process especially difficult including the high water table.

Lattey Director Mark Donnelly proposed an alternative solution consisting of screw piles which would be especially designed to the ground conditions and load demands. These also had the advantage of providing significantly reduced cost to the client, as well as reducing the risk during installation and during the lifetime of this tower.

All four piles were installed in an efficient and timely manner and the client was very happy with the outcome.



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