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Building the Future of Hawkes Bay - One Panel at a Time

Our CNC team helped make the local news recently in an article published in The Profit, a magazine that has inspired Hawkes Bay businesses for a decade.

In its June-August issue, The Profit covered the progress of the Hawkes Bay Airport expansion, with a particular focus on the incredible ceiling panels designed by acclaimed New Zealand artist Jacob Scott. All of the 250 panels are currently being cut on Lattey's CNC router under the expert supervision of Jason Kendrick.

Once installed, the panels will form a continuous 180m art installation for airport visitors and travellers to walk under. The symbolism of the work is based on the Kuaka, a bird native to Hawkes Bay which travels an astounding 29,000km to Alaska and back every year, and has evolved to include many more aspects of our beautiful region's rich identity.

Lattey Group is proud to be an active contributor to this project, which is just another page of our history of building a strong future for our community.



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